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We sell goods inside Europe. Available countries at the moment Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland. Other destinations available soon.

Shipping information

Transport and parcel services in cooperation with the following companies: Itella Smartpost, DPD Eesti, Omniva, Bentte kuler, HRX

The goods are sent to the following countries: Estonia and other European countries according to the agreement and the offered price list.

4.1 The cost of shipping the goods is displayed in the shopping cart when placing the order. Additional costs may apply to special volume products. All prices include VAT established in the Republic of Estonia.

Special sizes or goods over 35kg may be subject to an additional transport charge. If necessary, we will contact the customer ourselves and inform about possible changes or additional charges before sending the goods.

Batteries may be subject to a separate handling fee of 3 EUR and delivery by courier only

Housekeepers that are more than 65 cm long with the package are sent by courier

Other special size and weight items may incur additional shipping costs (e.g. bars/bonnets, various garage equipment, etc.)

4.1.2 Shipments within Estonia generally arrive at the destination specified by the buyer within 1-3 working days from the entry into force of the sales contract, but as a rule, we deliver the goods within 1-2 working days, depending on whether the goods are available in our warehouse or must be ordered in advance from the supplier's warehouse. In addition, the delivery of goods depends on the type of transport and possibilities, as well as depending on whether the orders are placed on weekdays or on the weekend.

4.1.3 Outside Estonia, delivery takes place within 3-7 calendar days

4.1.4 In exceptional cases, we have the right to deliver the goods within 7-21 calendar days (factory orders or products that need to be manufactured in advance at the manufacturer's factory).

4.1.5 According to the service provider, a transport cost is added to the price of the goods, which depends on the weight and dimensions of the goods.

4.1.6 We send goods to parcel machines at the price according to the price list of the parcel machine, unless otherwise agreed or indicated. We deliver goods that do not fit in the parcel machine by courier and according to the price list, unless otherwise agreed or indicated.

4.1.7 If you pick up the goods ordered in the store Riia 138, Tartu, the cost of transport will not be added!

4.1.8 Orders made in the online environment are paid 100% in advance. If the Customer has ordered an invoice, or formalized the order as a legal entity (as a business

customer), the invoice will be sent to the customer's separately requested e-mail.