Simons® Sportsystem – alternatiiv originaal väljalaske süsteemile.

Simons® exhaust systems – Kõrge kvaliteediga väljalaske osad, suurendab mootori võimekust ja efektiivsust. Sportlik heli ja eksklusiivne disain.

All rights for the brand Simons® Sportsystem is reserved for the company RAY Metallfabrik AB.

The Simons® product range is divided into two main groups:

Simons® Sportsystem – Sports exhaust systems for many different car models.The sports exhaust from Simons are often of the cat back variety. This means exhaust systems that are packed into kits that fits from the catalyst and backwards (including end/tail pipe).

Simons® Universal – Custom exhaust build parts. For building, repairing or replacing whole or parts of exhaust systems.