Mootorikraana 2T Redats H-120


Tartu laos, tarne mujale 1-3päeva

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How can you use it?
Töökoja kraana. Mootorite ja käigukastide välja tõstmiseks. Tõstevõime kuni 2T

Designed for longevity

We designed this engine crane hoist to provide exceptional longevity. Top-quality bolts and to last for long at your garage. Reliable construction means hassle-free operation for years. The boom is made of closed profiles (3 mm thick).

Perfect working comfort

The lifting range reaches up to 2350 mm (with the hook in the 500kg position). This means an easy operation, even with heavy loads.

Easy transportation

This hoist weighs 78 kg only. It incorporates six castors, so you can easily move it to any point at your shop. Just grab the handle and push it anywhere you want.

Setting takes seconds

There are four possible hook positions with different lifting capacities – from 500 kg, through 1T and 1.5T to 2T. Just choose the capacity and set the hook in the chosen position.

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